EA-PSE9360-403U, DC-Power Supply 1 chan, 360V, 40A, 5 kW, 19Zoll, USB, analog, #06230703

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EA-PSE9360-403U DC-Laboratory power supply, 1 channel, 19 Zoll, 360 V, 40 A, 5 kW, USB, analog

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The electronic high performance power supplies of the PSE 9000 3U series are especially suitable for test systems and industrial controls due to their compact construction in a 19” enclosure with 3 height units (3U). For remote control using a PC or PLC the devices are provided as standard with an USB-B slot on the back side as well as a galvanically isolated analog interface. Via optional plug-in interface modules, other digital interfaces such as Profibus, ProfiNet, ModBus TCP, CANopen, CAN, RS232 or EtherCAT can be added. These enable the devices to be connected to standard industrial buses simply by changing or adding a small module. The configuration, if necessary at all, is simple. In addition, the devices offer as standard the possibility for parallel connection in Share bus operation for constant current sharing plus a genuine master-slave connection with totalling of the slave units’ values is also provided as standard. Operating in this way allows up to 16 units to be combined to a single system with a total power of up to 240 kW.


  • Multi-phase input 340…460 VAC or 188…229 VAC (US)
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • Output power ratings: 5 kW, expandable up to 240 kW
  • Output voltages: 0…360 V 
  • Output currents: 0…40 A, expandable up to 5100 A
  • Auto-ranging output stage
  • Various protection circuits (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP)
  • Control panel with pushbuttons and blue LCD for actual values, set values, status and alarms
  • Galvanically isolated, analog interface
  • Temperature controlled fans for cooling
  • 40 V models according to SELV (EN 60950)
  • Discharge circuit (Uout < 60 V in ≤ 10 s)
  • USB port and master-slave integrated
  • Optional, digital interface modules
  • SCPI command language supported
  • Weight 17 Kg
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 19 Zoll x 3U x 609 mm


The microprocessor controlled high efficiency laboratory power supplies of series EA-PSE 9000 3U merge some of important features of series EA-PSI 9000 3U and EA-PS 9000 3U. All technical specifications regarding AC supply and DC output, as well as all models are identical to those two series. The difference of the EA-PSE 9000 series devices compared to those of EAPS 9000 3U is the bigger number of available digital interfaces, which even allow for the connection to filed buses. On the other hand, the number of available extra features compared to series EA-PSI 9000 3U and manual handling have been reduced intentionally. This makes the PSE devices ideals for systems which are only used in remote control


All models feature a digital master-slave bus by default. It can be used to connect up to 32 units of identical models in parallel operation to a bigger system with totals formation of the actual value of voltage, current and power. The configuration of the master-slave system is either completely done on the control panels of the units or by remote control via any of digital communication interfaces. Handling of the master unit is possible by manual or remote control (any interface).


  • Digital interface modules for RS232, CAN, CANopen, ModBus TCP, Profibus, Profinet/IO, EtherCAT or Ethernet. The interface slot is located on the rear panel, making it easy for the user to plug in a new interface or to replace an existing one. See page 134.
  • Water cooling (only for models up to 200 V)


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