CH Netzkabel 1.8 m Länge Schweiz Typ J (SEV1011) gerade auf C13

Artikel-Nr.: 60017.029-IEC320-C13-CH

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AC-Power cord Switzerland type J (SEV1011) straight to C5 (IEC60320-C13-CH-60017.029)


  • Connector side 1: type J (SEV1011), straight 180°
  • Connector side 2: IEC60320-C13 
  • Colour: black
  • Length: 1.80 m
  • X section: 3 x 0.75mm²
  • Material: H05VV-F
  • Isolation: PVC
  • RoHS compliant
  • Approval standards: IEC60884-1(ed.3):2002+A1:06 SEV1011:2009, EN60320-1:2015+AC:16, EN60320-3:2014, IEC60227-1(ed.3):2007, IEC60227-2(ed.2)1997+A1:03, IEC60227-3(ed.3)2011
  • fits for IEC60320-C14


Plug type J:
The relevant standards for Switzerland (Typ J, SEV1011:2009, T12 Connector)

Connector type C13:
The appliance coupler IEC 60320-C13 is used to connect equipment that doesn't produce excessive heat when in use. The maximum pin temperature should not exceed 70°C and the maximum current is 10 A.

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